Alumni Membership

Alumni can purchase individual and family memberships to the Carpenter Sports Building (Little Bob) recreation center. Membership
provides access to the Employee Fitness Center, 3 multi-purpose gymnasiums, cycle studio, 5 basketball courts, 5 raquetball courts,
1 squash court, indoor rock climbing gym, indoor pool, and locker/shower facilities. View facilities







Recent Grad

- UD alumni that graduated within the past year are eligible. There will be an opportunity to renew for an additional 3 months for just $100. 


3 months




6 months

12 months






- Spouse and children under 18 qualify. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent and are not permitted in the fitness centers. Children 18 and older are not eligible for this membership 



12 months




Purchases can be made at the Little Bob cashier's office between 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Thursday, or 8:00am-4:30pm on Friday. Call Delphine Lewis at 302-831-6229 with questions.


Membership Cards

After payment, you will need to obtain a UD1 CSB Alumni membership card. You can get your card at the ID Card Office located in the Student Services Building between the hours of 8:30-5:00pm. There is no fee for your original card, but a $25 fee will be charged to replace lost cards. FLEX, cash, credit card, and check are accepted forms of payment. ALUMNI MEMBERSHIP IS NON-REFUNDABLE.


Membership Renewal

You may renew your membership by making payment  to the Recreation Services Cashier in the CSB PRIOR to your expiration date. If you do not renew before your membership expires, your membership card will be deactivated.


Additional Services Available to Members


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