Monday-Friday, 6/11-6/15

Meet with a nationally certified trainer to build a customized workout plan designed to meet your goals. Email Fitness Coordinator Jo Baird at jebaird@udel.edu starting Monday, 6/4 to schedule your appointment. 




This Okinawan based style of karate blends eastern thinking and western pragmatism. Class participants will develop martial arts skills while building strength, balance, flexibility and self-confidence. The purpose of this class is to promote self-development through self-defense. Through these classes, you will be trained to by two instructors who will help you develop the techniques, form and sparring skills to earn belts as you progress through the program. This course will allow you to earn belts depending on your commitment level and time spent with the program.

Price: $15/session for students  |  $24/session for employees

No sessions scheduled for summer semester - please check back in the fall



This 6-week program will teach female students how to do basic full body exercises using dumbbells and barbells. The class meets once a week and consists of an educational segment followed by a full body workout. There will also be an option to participate in a VIP session in the strength room before the Lil Bob opens. The class is limited to 15 participants.

No sessions scheduled for summer semester - please check back in the fall


We covered the basics in the first section of Lift Like a Girl; now it's time to take your weight lifting to the next level with LLAG 2. This class will teach female students how to safely and correctly perform back and front squats, deadlifts, and power cleans with a barbell. There will also be an introduction to Olympic lifts with dumbbells. Our experienced and friendly instructors will take out the intimidation factor and ensure you lift with proper form. The class is limited to 15 participants. 

Before registering, please make sure you are comfortable with the following.  

  • Navigating the Lil Bob strength floor
  • Performing basic weight lifting exercises
  • Using good form while lifting

No sessions scheduled for summer semester - please check back in the fall


Do you have what it takes to be named a Top Hen? Find out by participating in the various fitness challenges held in the Lil Bob fitness center throughout the year. Each challenge has a male and female bracket with 6 weight groups to ensure fairness. Winners of each division earn the Top Hen tank top and will be entered into a prize raffle.